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CORNEMPS is a remarkable site.

In the place of a relay situated on one of St-Jacques de Compostelle's roads, the wine storehouses are leaned against a rock face, supporting a chapel of the XIth century, dedicated to St-Blaise

OUR LADY OF CORNEMPS was built in ruins, from which a part was rebuilt.

The previous Church was 35 metres long, announcing by its great size an important population surroundings, as well as the presence of a convent (Abbey of the Benedictine's fathers). It was destroyed during the Religious wars around 1587.

Indeed, CORNEMPS was for a long time a parish, different from that of PETIT-PALAIS.

These 2 parishes depended on the important Châtellenie de PUYNORMAND, that covered a area until the Juridiction of ST-EMILION .

The name CORNEMPS has a Celtic-Gallic origin, "Cor-Nemetum", that means " SACRED PLACE ".

André GARDE, local historian, writes in his History of the Châtellenie de PUYNORMAND ( 1947 ): « this steep cliff, on which we built a Church in the XIth century, was doubtless the witness of heathen ceremonies … .Vingt centuries of history are engraved on this picturesque cliff. »

Till the beginning of the XXth century, this Church was a place of pilgrimage: people came there in the daytime of St-Blaise, to pray for the health of children and ederly people. According to the oral tradition, miracles took place there …

In addition, in vineyards growing on the surroundings hillsides , it is not rare to find cut flints, of various prehistoric times, proof of the former human activity of the area.

Filled with the extraordinary memory of these places, Henri-Louis FAGARD, Florence and their team, elaborate day after day their Wines, enriched by a supplement of soul.

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